I am soft silk, styled hair/ But not really/ I play at being lovely/ I could play other games. If identity is fluid then I am a bubble that burst and re-formed. Mid-stream everything was lost; a world was gained. I am old; I am new. At the moment, I write, teach, mother, cook, and protest or is all creation the same thing really? Only my books individuate me, fix me. I suppose reason enough to write and publish. I wrote the story of a young girl who could find nothing better than to cry, make a phone call, or masturbate one morning. 'The Higher Education of Geetika Mehendiratta' came out as a campus novel the first of its genre in Indian writing in English. My second is 'Idol Love' a dystopic vision of the future. By 2062 everything is unfair in Raminland, even love. In every case there is a lover and a beloved, a worshipper and an image. The last lover of Raminland discovers that image-breakers will always be exiled from this new and age-old country. My third novel 'Dirty Picture' published by Indialog is anti-porn. It is based on real-life.