The Higher Education of Geetika Mehendiratta

The Higher Education of Geetika Mehendiratta By Anuradha Marwah

Born to an academic, middle-class family in a small town of indeterminate character where there was nothing to do except cry, make a phone call or masturbate’, Geetika Mehendiratta struggles to understand her own private world of intellectual intensity and uncontainable sexuality which is being subsumed in the dusty world of Desertvadi.

Coming to Lutyenabad ostensible to pursue an education that her parents deem absolutely essential for women in the present times, Getika does manage to get ‘highly educated’ though perhaps only in the truer sense of the phrase. Researching she finds that the only way to hold on to anything is by relinquishing the position of the ingénue, committing an action and being committed to it.

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